About Us

Pro Creative is a creative graphic design agency in Kenya that helps brands build a visual identity to reach and engage more potential customers. We provide outstanding graphic design solutions to enable businesses stand out in the marketplace and build a memorable brand image.

We Build Brands

We help Kenyan brands build a strong and compelling visual identity with award-winning graphics. The blend of our skills and talents results in outstanding design work that achieve our customers’ needs.

We apply modern trends flavoured with creativity to deliver results

Our core competency is graphic design for printed materials and digital design. But we are versatile to meet all of our clients’ needs.  We have partnered with our clients to provide creative and effective graphic design solutions for their projects. The Pro Creative team prioritize your needs and ensure you the best result.

We bring the right blend of graphic design knowledge and market experience to every job. We understand of listening to our customers and interpreting their needs to get a clear and consistent message in all visual communications. We also know that our clients can choose any design company and we are honored they choose to us. As such, our focus is to make all our clients happy by delivering excellent graphic design results, no matter what the medium.

Our Guarantee

Through our creativity and attention to detail, Pro Creative will bring your brand vision to fruition. We will apply innovation to our design process to ensure our work incorporates modern design trends, and exceeds your expectations. Whether you want digital design to attract online customers, or print design to promote your brand offline, we will address all your needs. We will conduct business with honesty and utmost professionalism. Meeting your goals and objectives with the quality of our graphic design services is our promise.

Our Design Tools


The best graphic design companies emphasizes on creating quality design that meets your expectations and impresses your target audience. To match your needs and bring out our creativity in the design work, we employ industry-recommended graphic design tools. This ensures you get the right design that can boost your brand image, enhance perception of your brand, and deliver a message to your audience.

The Company We Keep

We’re proud to partner with leading brands.

Make Your Visual Brand Image Outstanding